Image classification datasets

Here I collect the most popular datasets in image classification (not segmentation, not detection, just classification). The description includes the basic statistics on the dataset and relevant links.

Listed so far:
  • Textures (CUReT, KTH-TIPS, UIUC texture, ALOT, FMD),
  • Easy natural (CIFAR, STL, Caltech, SUN),
  • Hard natural (PASCAL VOC, ImageNet, MS COCO).

Graph visualization in R

It sometimes happens, that solving a simple connected task requires much more time, than just solving the core problem itself. I happened to me when I decided to visualize graphs in R.

The setting of the problem is the following:
  • weighted graphs specified by an adjacency matrix,
  • about 50 vertices, many different graphs on the same set of vertices.

Matlab parallel programming: parfor issues

If you ever used OpenMP, you probably know, that this specification is extremely easy to use and very helpful in many cases. Now, when parallel programming is becoming more and more common, this is definitely one of the ways to go.

Mathworks decided to follow the trend and developed Parallel Computing Toolbox, that has implementation of parallel for (simply parfor). Unfortunately, there are some serious issues with it, and I will describe them further...